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About Us

Every family and company must deal with pests at some point. It’s a terrible feeling to find rodent droppings or have your food packages chewed through. You obviously can’t ignore this problem. So what now? Do you call an exterminator to disrupt your life by filling your home or office with poison? You’ll risk toxic exposure to people and be left with rotting rodents. And if you decide to use conventional mousetraps to kill a mouse or rat, you’ll have to deal with the disgusting mess and horror of a dead pest afterwards. Seems like a “lose-lose” situation doesn’t it?

Fortunately, OWLTRA has the perfect solution for you. The founders of OWLTRA have spent over two decades utilizing their technological expertise and pest control experiences to develop the “Quick-Zap” electrical trap. With OWLTRA’s help, you now have access to the most advanced system that’s humane and incredibly efficient. The proof is there, just ask all the rodents that have been removed with OWLTRA’s traps. Oh wait, you can’t…Butyou can check out all of the people who have solved their rodent problems thanks to our Quick-Zap traps. We’ve heard your pleas and answered the call. Like an owl, the natural predator of rodents, we’ve taken this mission to an ultra level. And that’s the passion that drives OWLTRA.