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DualSync infrared sensor

High-voltage shock

LED Light Alert

No-touch disposal

Easy to Set-up and clean

Reusable after cleaning


Life Gets better with OWLTRA

Owltra Whole-Home Defense System

2023 'Can't Miss List' Award of NHS

OWLTRA has achieved a position among the 'Can't Miss List' in NHS for 2023.



This trap is amazing and the most humane way to end the rat's life. In the three days since receiving both the indoor and outdoor traps, we've successfully caught 12 rats so far. Kills them instantly, safely, cleanly and humanely. Thank you so much for a great product!

 Teresa C.


This thing works

I had an RV with mice, After setting the unit up (very easy) I caught 16 mice within 48 hours.The mouse problem seems to be over. 😊Thanks! 👌

Alan Buckridge



Six rats and counting….

The OWLTRA OW-7 in-/Outdoor Electric Rodent Trap works well. Our first few nights with the trap,using peanut butter or cheese as bait,were not successful. I then set the trap and had a large rat in it the next morning. Each day I would reset it with the sunflower seeds and each day there would be a smaller "teen rat" in it in the morning. Up to six so far.

Frank Hagan



It works!!!

Caught me this smart rat within a day that had previously evaded all types of traps.