The Humane Solution

Eliminate rodents quickly with powerful, high-voltage shock.
Owltra traps and removes rodents humanely without you ever having to touch or see it.


Quickly eliminate rodents in seconds. The Quick-Zap system generates up to 9,000 volts for a 100% extermination rate. 


Pull and remove the top for no-touch, no-see, no-mess disposal. With built-in safety sensors, you can easily access and clean the chamber in between uses.


Keep children and small pets safe with dual infrared sensors. OWLTRA prevents false zaps and only activates when a rodent enters the trap.

Wi-Fi CAPABILITY Coming Soon

Simplify your pest control with alerts sent to your phone. OWLTRA notifies you when there’s a catch or when the batteries are low—so there’s no need for constant check-ups. 

Get rid of rats with OWLTRA Electric Rat Zapper

Are you dealing with a rat problem? The OWLTRA Electric Rat Zapper might be the solution you’re looking for. As the best electric mousetrap, it exterminates rats without using baits, poisons, or harmful chemicals.This electric rat zapper also eliminates the gross aftermath of snap traps. The rat will die without getting brutally squished.Unlike glue boards, The OWLTRA Electric Rat Zapper doesn’t make rats suffer. It’s an instant kill without the agony of dehydration and slow death.Most of all, this best electronic rat trap is safe for kids and pets. The shock power of the trap is only harmful to rodents. Even if your kid or pet fiddles on the zapper, it’s unlikely to cause serious injuries.As the best electronic rat trap, OWLTRA Electric Rat Zapper is 100% humane, mess-free, and pain-free for rats. It’s also reusable hundreds of times without wearing out.

Wi-Fi capability electric rat zapper from OWLTRA

Soon from OWLTRA, your electric rat zapper will be equipped with Wi-Fi capability. You will receive a notification on your smartphone once there’s a catch. It’s a free feature that you can utilize through the OWLTRA app.Instead of checking your mouse traps countless times, you can now focus on other things that matter. You can finish other chores while the OWLTRA rat zapper does its job for you.With the Wi-Fi capability, you can dispose of the dead rat right away. This will save your nose from the bad smell and your entire family from potential infections.As the best electric mouse trap, OWLTRA Electric Rat Zapper offers a modern take on pest control solutions. Once you see the results, you’ll never go back to cheap snap traps!