• They Carry Diseases

Rodents or their stool may contaminate your food with harmful bacteria, which can cause dysentery, salmonella, gastroenteritis, and many other diseases.

  • They Can Cause Fires inside Your House

They chew through a variety of surfaces, including wires—both inside your walls and in your living spaces. This creates potential hazards that can lead to fires.

  • They Contaminate the Air in Your Home

Their droppings and urine will accumulate as they take up residency. This can cause health issues, including illness and foul air quality.

  • They Multiply Quickly, Leading to a Major Infestation in Months

Mice can breed throughout the whole year. A single female can produce five to ten litters a year. Each litter can average around six to eight babies; as a result, six families of mice and can turn into about 60 rodents in your home in roughly three months.