Why catch a rodent?

  • They Carry Diseases

Rodents or their stool may contaminate your food with harmful bacteria, which can cause dysentery, salmonella, gastroenteritis, and many other diseases.

  • They Can Cause Fires inside Your House

They chew through a variety of surfaces, including wires—both inside your walls and in your living spaces. This creates potential hazards that can lead to fires.

  • They Contaminate the Air in Your Home

Their droppings and urine will accumulate as they take up residency. This can cause health issues, including illness and foul air quality.

  • They Multiply Quickly, Leading to a Major Infestation in Months

Mice can breed throughout the whole year. A single female can produce five to ten litters a year. Each litter can average around six to eight babies; as a result, six families of mice and can turn into about 60 rodents in your home in roughly three months.

How to use Owltra Mouse Trap?

          1. Turn the switch to OFF (“0”) and insert 4 AA batteries into the compartment.
          2. Remove the top of the trap and use only a pea-sized amount of peanut butter in the bait area. Do not let the bait touch the metal plate as it may cause a malfunction.
          3. Turn the switch to the ON (“I”) position. The light will flash green for 1 second to indicate that it has been activated. When a rodent is caught, the light will blink green every 10 seconds. If the battery is low, the light will blink red.
          4. Place the trap on a clean, dry surface along a wall.