How to determine what type of rodent is in your home?

Adult mice, including their tail, are around 7 ½ inches long; while adult rats, including their tail, grow up to 18 inches long.

Mice have thin tails with a bit of hair; while rats have a thicker, scaly tail without hair.

Mice snouts are triangular, while rat snouts are blunter and rounder.

Mice eyes appear larger than the rest of their face, while rat eyes appear smaller or beady.

Mice droppings are roughly 1/4-inch-long with pointed ends, while rat droppings are around 3/4-inch-long with blunt ends.

What is an electronic mouse trap?

An electronic mouse trap is essentially a small box where you can place bait inside for a rodent. It contains 3 stainless steel plates which generates about 5000-8000 high voltage when triggered. When a rodent fully enters the trap, the trap will activate and zap the rodent with high voltage shock in 3 places for about 30 seconds, killing it instantly.

The trap runs on battery power, but doesn’t consume that much battery. Its narrow tunnel design is large enough to fit only rats and mice, protecting kids and small pets.

When the top is removed, the trap is in “shut-off” mode, protecting you from accidentally receiving a shock while replacing bait or cleaning the trap. By switching the trap to “off” and removing the lid, you can easily dispose the rodent without having to see or touch it.